For Growers

Those of us in the business know that right now, and increasingly the more educated consumers know that the generic terms cannabis, CBD and others can have a hundred different meanings. It could be low quality or mystery skunk weed product imported from overseas, from outdoor grows tainted with pesticides, heavy metals or other ingredients, inconsistent portioning and quality control at all levels of grow and production.

Add to that the increasing commoditization of cannabis will reduce costs, margins and profitability.

Hyperponic‘s  solution is Hypergrowntm something like the “Good Housekeeping Seal” for state licensed growers. A reliable, trusted brand name, directly from you as the grower that tells consumers that they are buying a pure, consistent, well-tested, medical grade product. This gives them the comfort in knowing that the product they purchase is exactly want they want it to be.

Your customers, whether they are wholesalers, distributors, retailers or the end-user consumer, they will be able to identify Hyperponic’s quality product by the Hypergrowntm seal you will use on your products. With the Hypergrown Seal, consumers will know they can trust the bud, oil or other ingredients in the products they buy.

So whether it’s a medicinal application, beverages, retail tinctures, gummy, or other edibles, consumers will come to search for the Hypergrown Seal as the sign of lab-tested and certified, high quality and consistent over time.