The HyperPonic™ Grow System

Hypergrown™ crop products are grown through third party licensed growers using a proprietary grow system called CropTowers™, developed by  Hyperponic. The closed loop, fully-integrated, controlled environment provides reliable, repeatable, identical crops, harvest after harvest.

Hyperponic’s CropTower computer-regulated system optimizes proprietary nutrients, water, lighting, room temperature, CO2 and many more elements to maximize consistent high quality yield at every harvest. The plants are fed precise nutrition at precisely the right time. Our automated lighting system – that starts in the clone and veg process – delivers the right spectrum and brightness for stress-free plant development.

Beware of Old Product!

Hyperponic grower are always harvesting! Their perpetual harvest method means that our grower will always have the volume you need at any time of the year. Outdoor growers only harvest once or twice a year. Over a pretty short period of time the quality and potency of the product or produced oil degrades. So if you’re buying CBD biomass or oils from an outdoor grower in the winter, chances are that oil has been sitting around too long to be potent. So the product you buy in the summer will not be the same product you buy any other time of year. That’s not good.

Superiority At A Glance: 
1. Totally Controlled Medical Grade Environment
2. Consistently Lab Tested for Quality Control
3. Perpetual Grow – Always Harvesting; Always Fresh
4. Consistent Quality Grow after Grow